Where’s my teeth?

October 15th, 2014

Richard Gill

Hi folks, I am back again to update you on my latest exploits.  Well human Dad has been super busy, so as you may have noticed I haven’t been able to tell you much about what is happening.  I have been trying to talk to Google like it says in the adverts but it never types what I say- they still have a long way to go with their talk to type software shizzle!

Human Dad had to go up to Scotland recently to help out another photographer or “tog” as we call them in the trade.  Terry Wogan followers will be all up in arms now!  So Human Granny and Grandad came to help look after me at home.  I am not sure why Dad  wouldn’t  let me go to Scotland maybe it’s because I don’t have my passport?  Anyway I did have super fun with Human Grandad, he is a great playmate.  While he wasn’t looking one morning I sneaked into his bedroom and stole his false teeth and then made a sharp exit.  He chased me all over the house, it was a real wheeze.  Eventually I decided  I better let him have them and as you know I can always be bribed with fresh gravy bones!  All donations welcome to the contact address on Human Dad’s website.

Come back soon to hear more of my tales with tails!  You can see me below taking it easy after my hard morning running around.

Obi relaxing

Obi relaxing