Any photographer worth his salt knows a lot about light.   However not many know much about lighting.
They will certainly understand that different lighting technologies will affect the white balance setting on their camera, but they probably don’t understand all the important characteristics that are taken into consideration when designing a new lighting scheme or product.

The result is that many lighting companies’ marketing photos show brightly lit spaces and the actual luminaire is a bright ‘sunburst of light’ and impossible to see.  As a lighting manufacturer or designer you will want to show a number of additional features in addition to a well illuminated room.  You will want to show the aesthetics of the luminaire, perhaps that there is little or no glare and how well colours are reproduced under the artificial light.

LED lighting showing a lot of glare as seen is exposed to show that the building is well lit

LED lighting showing a lot of glare. The scene is exposed to show that the building is well lit.

At Great Impressions we have more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry so will quickly understand the key points you want to emphasise when you brief us to photograph your next project.  We can use a number of techniques to capture the key features. Don’t leave your marketing photos to chance. They showcase your skill as a lighting company and need to present all the best features of your designs.  Please give us a call on 07557 780336 if you have a project that you would like photographing.