Should I wait for a sunny day?

November 20th, 2014

Richard Gill

Most people think they should wait for a good weather forecast before getting pictures of a property taken.    Sunshine and blue skies do always make an exterior of a property look good especially if the sun is shining directly onto the face of the building, as you can see in the picture below.

House with sun on it

House with sun shining onto the front

However to get the sun to shine onto all faces of the building as it moves round through the day can often be very challenging with the British climate.  Then you have also to consider the cost of the photographer being there all day to track the sun’s movement – assuming the house is in a good orientation to start with.

For most people it is not an option as the photographer will only be on site for a few hours.  The key thing is to book the photographer so he/she  is there at the right time of day – the time when the sun is on the best aspect, usually the front of your house.


Conservatory on a cloudy day

For interior photos the soft light of a cloudy day is much better.  You can see in this picture taken of a conservatory that the view through the windows is clear.  To get good pictures of interiors on a sunny day can be much more challenging and often the windows will look blown or over exposed.  To get the photo looking right in room facing into the sun usually requires some artificial lighting to boost the light in the interior to match the bright light streaming through the windows.  However if you know what you are doing the results can still look good. DSC_8941