Photographer’s assistant and his new toy

May 22nd, 2014

Richard Gill

Well folks as I promised here is an update about the second toy which arrived in my fanmail.  He is a stoat so I thought it best to name him Ken the Stoat. For those of you who don’t why I chose to call him Ken it is because he reminded me of  Ken Stott who appears in the Hobbit films. Human Dad is not a fan of the Hobbit so he will never guess!  Ken is pretty good fun and flies through the air when I get him wrapped around my nose and fling him.  I suspect I might be able to kill him quite quickly as he feels a bit soft to me, so if any of you want to send me more toys I am ready to snatch them from Postie’s arms as soon as he arrives with them.  As you can see my hair is getting a big long and I could do with a hair cut so I will be bobbing over to the barbers shortly, but I have a bit of photobombing to do in the meantime.  Check back soon to see my new hair cut and latest exploits.