How much does it cost for a 360º virtual tour

November 1st, 2013

Richard Gill

This is a common and key question for anyone considering marketing their business using a 360 degree virtual tour.  Unfortunately there is not a straight answer to the question as there are a lot of options and every business is different so the number of rooms or features that need to be incorporated will vary.  However let’s try to answer the question with some typical examples.

Firstly let’s start with a basic one room tour like the one of the wedding marquee shown here.  Typically this would cost £150-£200 using a combination of high quality images stitched together to create the panorama.  The major part of the work involved in this is the setting up and taking of the photographs which for wedding venues often has to be done on tight deadlines as there is usually only a short period between the set up of the room being completed and the guests arriving. In this example there is one wall with a window so the photographer has to be careful to balance the exposure of the brightly lit window against the rest of the room which adds to the time taken when creating the tour.

Now lets discuss the other end of the scale, an advanced tour like the one of a holiday let on this page .  This tours contains several areas: the outside, and four internal rooms.  In addition there are a number of special features.  There is a floor plan of the property, there is a link to an online booking system, there is an audio clip, there is also a pop up photograph of another property.  There is a map showing the location with a radar which indicates the direction in which the viewer is looking.  There is a customised  entry or splash screen and a menu showing thumbnails of the available panoramas.  So considerably more work than the basic tour.  For this kind of tour you could expect to pay £700-£1500 depending on the number of rooms and features that you want to include.

In practice when you are considering incorporating a tour thing about the key things you want to include and decide which ones are “must haves” and which are “nice to have”  then you can tailor your tour to suit your budget.