Do you need a DSLR to take a good panorama? Part one

January 8th, 2014

Richard Gill

I hadn’t really imagined taking panorama photographs with a compact camera.  My Wife and I recently made a trip to Lucca in Italy, but  I arrived in Lucca to find that my Nikon D600 had a fault.  That could have something to do with dropping it the night before we set off!  Anyway my lovely wife Nic took pity on me and as it was my birthday in a few days time we went to the shop to get a little Nikon Coolpix S800C.  I was really chuffed to find that this little camera has a great panorama function which allows you to take both 360 and 180 degree panoramics.  This picture below is 180 taken in the Piazza Dell Anfiteatro.  Overall it produces a decent photo if you want something for a holiday snap or maybe a website banner that is only going to be used in a low resolution format.  The challenges come if you want a higher resolution version.  You can see straight away that the format of the picture is limited particularly in the vertical plane.  Even using the camera in portrait orientation the format of the final panorama is still very limited.

Antifeatro Lucca

Anfiteatro Lucca