Don’t know what video you want to put on your website?

January 10th, 2014

Richard Gill

If you do some research on the internet you seen realise that video should be an important part of your online content. If you’ re not convinced, did you realise that YouTube is the number 2 search engine?  So that would seem like a compelling reason to have some video content, especially if I tell you that according to YouTube over 1 billion unique visitors visit their site every month.

The problem for a lot of businesses is figuring out what video to add.  There are so many videos out there, that chances are, someone will have one on the topics relevant to your business. When you look at a lot of the corporate videos they are so cheesy people just turn them off after only a few seconds.  Maybe you have a business that is not “video friendly”.  For example if you are a stationary supplier that offers next day service your main process is handling orders very efficiently,  picking product from your warehouse and sending it our to customers – not an exciting process to watch on a video.

One solution to this is time-lapse videos.  These are short clips that compress an event that might take several hours, days, weeks or even years into just a few minutes.  This can make an otherwise boring or mundane process now seem exciting.  Take a look at this   showing what happened in an hour on a market town high street.  Nobody wants to watch an hour of that but by compressing it into less than a minute in a time-lapse video, then it becomes much more interesting.  If you have a process or business and don’t know what video you want to make why not give us a call and let us make a time-lapse video for you.