Making Light Work – Award-winning MHA Lighting contracts Great Impressions to showcase new technology.

March 25th, 2014

Richard Gill


Based in Greater Manchester, MHA Lighting is an award-winning lighting manufacturer that provides a range of solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors.

One of MHA Lighting’s specialisms involves the manufacture and sideways positioning of LED lighting, avoiding direct contact with the eye and providing a safe and efficient output.

This innovative type of lighting technology was recently installed at the Hellermann Tyton factory in Manchester.  Like many lighting upgrades, the installation was phased as part of a scheduled programme, upgrading different areas at different times.

In one of the main production areas of Hellermann Tyton, the upgrade was done in two halves, with one half of the hall being upgraded a few weeks before the other.  This gave MHA a unique opportunity to show a side-by-side comparison of the old lighting against their new LED fixtures.  Great Impressions were commissioned to photograph the complete hall and provide true images (i.e. not enhanced in Photoshop) that highlight the difference between the old and new lighting.

Comparison between HID and LED lighting

Comparison between HID and LED lighting

Factory with HID and LED lighting

Factory with HID and LED lighting



“To have a photographer with a background in the lighting industry is invaluable to us here at MHA Lighting. Richard understands the technical qualities that we are trying to capture when photographing our LED lighting solutions. As a result he is able to produce attractive images that not only showcase the product to best effect but provide a meaningful representation of the luminaire’s capabilities.” Caroline Aspinall, Director of Marketing and Communications at MHA Lighting

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