How can a 360º tour help my business?

December 12th, 2013

Richard Gill

This recent press release tells the story of how a Campsite owner used a virtual tour to help attract more guests.

When Full Circle Luxury Lake Districts Yurts, were looking for a way to show their guests what glamping in a yurt is really like they turned to us to have a 360º virtual tour created.  Ben Atkinson owner of Full Circle, who is often found wandering bare foot round the campsite, commented “I hate it when our guests arrive and say I wasn’t expecting it to be like that.  Some guests may not have been camping before and are really apprehensive about booking a yurt holiday.  “Round living” in a yurt is wonderful, cozy, and romantic experience and we needed a way to share this with our guests at the time when they are selecting their holiday.  We chose to work with Great Impressions because they went the extra mile to deliver what we needed. Things don’t always appear as you would expect when you are looking at them on a computer screen or on a smart phone and Richard worked on the composition and detail until we got the results we wanted.  Working with a local company was also a bonus as it made it easy to plan for good weather in which to shoot the photos.


Yurt campsite Ambleside

Yurt campsite Ambleside

Full Circle is based at Rydal Hall near Ambleside and the Yurts are the genuine Mongolian article.  Not only do they include wooden floors, a wood burning stove and proper beds, but they all have an amazing view from the front door. Richard from Great Impressions, commented – “this was a really interesting and challenging project for us.  We had to combine landscape vistas covering several miles with images taken inside a circular dwelling of a few meters in diameter. The guests needed to be able to see the quality of fixtures and fittings inside the accommodation and we knew our professional camera and optics could deliver pin sharp images that show the yurts in their full glory.  With so many people viewing websites on a smart phone or tablet we also wanted to include some cool features like gyroscopic control.  This means that if you view the tour or one of those devices that you can move around the Yurt just by tilting or rotating your phone or tablet. You can see the tour on this page