3 reasons why you won’t hire me.

September 2nd, 2014

Richard Gill

1) You think it is too expensive.

As Red Adair once said “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job wait until you hire an amateur”.  Maybe you have a friend or colleague who is a keen amateur photographer and he will do it for free or a very low price.  Some of the time this will be a great solution.  But you should check a few things out.  Have they experience in the taking the type of photograph you need.  Can they give you the creative input or advice you want to get the shot that you are looking for.  Can they supply the images in the right format for printing or use on the web? The beauty about hiring a professional is that they will be used to taking the kind of photos you want –  if they aren’t then don’t hire them!  This means you will get the shot you want in the timescale you need it.  Professional photographers will be used to setting up for the kind of photo you have requested so they can do it much more quickly and efficiently than someone who has only done it once or twice before.  The cost of hiring the photographer may not be as much as you imagine, hourly rates vary quite significantly and you can usually find someone who will fit your budget.

2) There are lots of great stock images available.

Stock photos have become much cheaper and more accessible especially in the last few years.  Some libraries will even give you access to free photos or let you download a small number each month for a nominal fee.  This can be a great solution for when you need a quick and good looking shot.  The main problem with stock is that they are taken to suit as many people as possible.  This also means they look like “stock photos”.  I know that sounds stupid, but take a look at a few wesbiste and you can suusally spot the stock photos straight way.  If you can spot this then your customers will also.  So if you want something that really tells your story then you should commission a photo that is unique to your business.  Don’t be mediocre and make a stock photo fit into to what want to say.  Get a professional photo taken that says something unique about your business and it will make you stand out from you competitors.

3) You are worried about copyright issues.

Many photogprahers have some complex copyright terms that only allow you to use the photos for certain period of time or in certain media.  This way of operating is changing and now most photographers will give you rights to use the photos anyway you like and in any media without any additional costs.  In our terms and conditions you are free to use the photos when and wherever you like.  So look for photographers who have simple and easy to understand terms, there are quite a few of us out there.