Woollen animals

July 4th, 2014

Richard Gill

So people I haven’t posted for a little while, have you missed me? Human Dad has been busy taking pictures of houses and other boring stuff as well going through his training and getting certified as a  Google Trusted Photographer.
But enough of that boring shizzle we did manage to get out to see the Woollen Woods exhibition at Sizergh Castle recently. For those of you who don’t know it is billed as “An enchanting outdoor art installation”, and features hundreds of woodland themed woollen artwork stuck to trees like these ones.

I couldn’t quite see the attraction myself. The only good use for a woollen animal is for me to have it as a toy. Then I can chew it, retrieve and rip the stuffing out of it, when I am bored. However the peeps at Sizergh have stuck things like woollen squirrels up a tree! Actually I think Human Dad’s brain might be a bit woollen as he thought the squirrel in the picture below was eating an ice cream! Surely he knows its an acorn?

Woollen Squirrel

Woollen Squirrel