Is a Photo Taken by a Monkey Better than a Stock Image?

May 18th, 2015

Richard Gill

The way you communicate with your customers has changed dramatically in recent years.  When radio first became available it took 30 years before at least 50 million people had access to it.  For TV it took only 30 years before 50 million were watching.  Now when a new social media platform is launched it takes less than 18 months before 50 million users have access. In fact on the internet social media has overtaken pornography to become the most popular content. With more than 350 million photos being uploaded to Facebook every day, 700 million photos uploaded to Snapchat and 60 Million on Instagram (not to mention all the other platforms like Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and so on) how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Well if you rely on stock photos then the odds are definitely stacked against you. It is possible to make your business and brand stand out though, even a monkey can do it!  You may remember this selfie photo of a macaque monkey which stole photographer David Slater’s camera and snapped a selfie that went viral.Macaque selfie

So why was this such a popular photo? It is not because it is a better photo, but it is because there is a story behind it, and an emotional connection for the viewer. So the same is true when you are marketing your business. You have a story to tell that is personal. And that is not going to happen if you rely on stock images using a generic set up of models in a studio. It should be real people in your business doing the things that make you and your brand special and different from your competitors, like this portrait photo we took for Blackburn Alarms.

Operations manager at his desk enjoying a cup of tea

David Holmes Office Manager at Blackburn Alarms

Good visual content is vital, whether it is photos, graphics, video or illustrations and a professional photographer should be part of that marketing mix.  Working with a good photographer you can create a library of  relevant and original images that you can use on your website, email campaigns, social media and marketing collateral.  So don’t get lost in the plethora of stock images, or leave it to a monkey to make a difference for your business – give us a call on 07557 780336 and lets talk about how we can create some images that tell your story.