International photo agency PicsaStock selects Great Impressions to deliver quality images

May 17th, 2016

Richard Gill

PicsaStock is an international photo agency that works with numerous well-known clients around the world. Their clients include leading travel and tourism businesses that approach PicsaStock asking for talented photographers around the world to photograph a variety of different projects.

“Even before we take onboard our photographers, our scouts look for talented photographers worldwide to deliver quality images to our clients,” said PicsaStock’s International Project Manager Grace Farson

PicsaStock approached the owner of Great Impressions, Richard Gill, earlier this year to discuss photographing a number of holiday lets in the South Lakes area.

“Over the past few weeks, Richard has been wonderful to work with,” added Grace.

“He has managed to schedule all of his shoots in a timely manner and has also handled all of them professionally. PicsaStock are so grateful to work with photographers like Richard who not only are able to deliver what they promise, but also can be counted on to produce beautiful, quality images. In working with Richard, our team has been impressed by his attention to detail and his sense of space. We work with thousands of photographers worldwide and we are truly impressed by Richard and his work.”