April 12th, 2014

Richard Gill

Hi everybody and welcome to my blog.  My name is Obi and I am a Cockerpoo. Silly name I know.  I am half cocker spaniel and half poodle  so that’s why I have to live with this silly title. I am called Obi because if you haven’t already guessed, my human mum is a Star Wars fan.  Personally I think I should be called Chewy because I look more like Chewbacca and I love to chew stuff! Here is a few pictures of me to make you go ahhhh or awww, because I am super cute.

I decided I should start writing my own blog, because I have been reading the  blog my human dad writes.  Have you looked at that stuff?  Boring!  Its all about photography shizzle and no mention of the fun I get up to when I go on photo shoots.  My human dad likes to think I am his assistant, but he is being stupid.  How can a dog help?  My main aim is to photobomb and get into as many shots as possible so look out for my next posts and photobombing exploits.  Next week human Dad has a new customer called Pawcraft coming to our studio.  They make pet art so that’s a golden opportunity for me to steal the show.