How can a Google Business view help my business?

December 16th, 2014

Richard Gill

If you are wondering what impact a Google Business view will have on your business then read on.  This article will show you the difference it will make.

Imagine you are in an unfamiliar town and you have just heard that one of your relatives is in hospital.  You want to send them some flowers, but as this is not your local area you don’t know a good florist.  So you jump onto Google maps to see if there is one nearby.  For this example we are in Cookham in Berkshire.  You type in your search “Florists Cookham” and are presented with results like the image below:


There are several choices but which one should you choose?  Well if you click on the red pins you can get some more information to help make you choice.  If you click on “Fluers de la Maison” you get a pop up like the one shown.


As well as the normal Streetview option, you can see a few other interesting options, – “See Inside” and “Photos”.  Clicking on “See Inside” gives you the Google Business View – a chance to walk round and check out the shop before you go there (see below).  Photos is self explanatory but comes as standard part of the Google Business view package – 10 photos minimum.


For comparison if you look at Devines Rose Boutique you will see the pop-up with only one option – Street view.  So you have no chance to see what the shop looks like or the quality of their products or services.


So which one would benefit your customers the most?  Get in touch with us on 07557 780336  to discuss getting a Google Business tour for your business.