Should I call the RSPCA?

July 28th, 2014

Richard Gill

I am beginning to wonder if Human Dad has my best interests at heart.  He has been taking part in a “Photographer of the Year” competition.  He submits a photo every month based on a specific theme set by the organisers.  Well the theme for last month was “Animals”.  So guess who got roped in?  I thought I would be posing in some glamorous location and showing off my cutest poses.  This usually means I also get lots of treats for sitting still or doing some other amazing trick. (Gravy bones are one of my favourites in case any of you fans are wondering what gifts to send me and win my affection.)

However Human Dad had other ideas.  I had to stick my head in the washing machine to retrieve a treat while he shot photos and blinded me with a flash gun!  I did get quite a few gravy bones out of it, but I can tell you there is not much of a view in there! Not that I could see anyway after he set that blinding light off in my face!  And to cap it all the judges only put me in 6th place. He clearly had the most handsome model in the contest so I can’t understand why he didn’t win.  A couple of polar bears were the winners – don’t know how a photographer found them in this heat wave.

Here’s a few of the shots from the day – let me know if you think I should have won!