5 Tips to Make Sure your Marketing Photographs Distinguish you from your Competitors

January 17th, 2017

Richard Gill

The first impression a customer is likely to get about your business is from a photograph.  It might be an image on your website or social media, or perhaps a picture in an advertisement or on a banner at an exhibition.  Make sure it is a good one.  Here are our five tips to help you make sure you are getting the best from your marketing photographs.

1. Make sure it is high resolution. The worst thing you can do is copy and paste an image from another website.  Not only are you likely to be breaching copyright rules but the image quality will be poor.  You want your images to show your product or service in its best possible light so hire a professional photographer or find a friend with a good quality camera that can take a high resolution photograph for you.

2. Make room for the text.  Make sure the photograph you use is composed to allow the viewer to see both the image of your product or service and the message you want to get across. In the photograph of the lemon slice below, there is lots of negative space on the left hand side for text to be added without it distracting from the image.

photograph of half a lemon slice with blank are on left

There is a large blank area in this photograph to allow for the text

3. Use images that show your brand.  Don’t pick a stock image that shows a model in a  generic situation.  Choose an image that includes your brand, your corporate colours and a relevant scene relating to your business. The photograph below was commissioned by Clocktower  a supplier of domestic appliances.  You can see their branding in the background and products they supply are used in the photograph.

Corporate colours and branding are clearly evident in this photograph

4. Use photographs that match your message.  The right image is a visual aid to support the message your are promoting to your prospects. Good photographs will tell the story and capture the imagination of your audience.

5. Be on trend.  Your business has to move with the times and changes in technology.  Make sure the images you use are up to date.  Photographs that show old technology or fashions from 3 years ago will immediately create the wrong impression.  Update your marketing images on a regular basis to make sure your business looks relevant and in tune with todays customers.

If you want some help with getting the right images for your business then please give me a call on 075547 780336.

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