5 Birds in the tummy is better than 2 in the bush!

February 27th, 2015

Richard Gill

Hi Folks,

I had a bit of a bonus this week and thought you would love to hear all about it.  As you know human Dad regularly takes me with him on his photo shoots. As well as taking  property photos he has recently started to draw floor plans and do EPC surveys for his estate agency clients.  This might be all well and good for him, but for me it is rather boring.  Anyway one evening I caught the whiff of a five bird roast being carved so I raced to kitchen to find out what was going down.  Dad was preparing his lunch for the following day.  Leftover roast and some home made  buttered bread all neatly wrapped up in silver foil together with a box of salad stuff.  It smelled a lot more yummy than the biscuits he put in a box for me.

The next day while Dad was busy doing his survey I was snoozing on my bed in the car when I suddenly remembered about his nice lunch.  I decided to have an exploratory trip round the car.  Ah Ha! Behind the drivers seat was carrier bag with some silver foil packages oozing an amazing aroma.  With a bit of careful ripping I opened the first silver foil package.  Mmmmm cold five bird roast  – my favourite!  What could be in the second package?  Homemade buttered bread.  Just the ticket I had all the ingredients for a first class mid-morning snack.  I was happily chomping my way through this culinary delight when human Dad appeared.  I quickly spread myself over the back seat covering as much of the evidence as possible.  All to no avail as there were a few tell tale bits of silver foil on display.  I did my best soulful sad eyes but human Dad thought I was looking sheepish and sussed me out straight away!  I left your stinky vegetable salad shizzle I tried to tell him but he didn’t seem impressed.

Oh well I still got a nice walk  at lunchtime which was only interrupted by his tummy rumbling.  If you are reading this Human Dad, can you use real butter next time I am not so keen on that healthy spread you insist on using!

Snoozing Obi

After all that lunch I need a little snooze.